Movie Night and Other Upcoming Events!

  • Friday December 5th – PTO is hosting a free family movie night. Featuring The LEGO Movie. Movie starts at 6:30, doors open at 5:45. We will have a snack sale table, including pizza, popcorn, and other treats.
  • Monday December 8th – PTO Meeting  6pm in the library
  • Tuesday Dec 9th – Family Dine in night at Texas Roadhouse. Come join us in dining out to support our school.  HDES PTO will get 10% of each check!
  • HDES PTO is currently working on our Winter Fundraiser which will be Awesome discount cards featuring deals from our great local businesses.We are also planning for a Kids Choice Winter Ball in February!
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May 2014 PTO Minutes

May 2014 PTO Meeting Minutes

Hall-Dale Elementary School

May 12th 2014


Principal’s report:

  1. Thank you to the PTO and all the parents who contributed to Teacher Appreciation Week. It was deemed “outstanding and very much appreciated by staff.”
  2. Two new teachers have been hired to alleviate the large numbers in a couple of the grade levels for 2014-2015. The staff is currently working through the process of where those teachers actually will be placed. There will be more news soon on this.
  3. Last day of school this year will be June 17, 2014 and it will be an early release day (11:45 am).   There will be no make-up day for the April 2nd art room event.
  4. Mr. Folsom is retiring and will be leaving the school. July 1st. A hiring committee is looking at candidates now.

Secretary’s Report: The March 2014 minutes were reviewed.   Motion was made and seconded to accept the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: Motion was made and seconded to accept the May 2014 Treasurer’s report. We are ending the year with just over $21,000.

Enrichment -Caroline Eldridge

Just had the Theater at Monmouth here performing My Father’s Dragon. Mrs. Maguire thought the students really enjoyed it. This one was a particularly good performance. This was funded by the PTO.

Business matters and Updates:

Mr. Viselli has requested a little more money to purchase pedometers $140. This was approved by PTO.


Field Day 2014: Mr. Viselli is proposing all the grades (1-5) to participate at the same time with age appropriate activities. There will be 15 different activities going at the same time and the kids will rotate through. Classroom teachers will go around with the classes to different stations.   They will need parent volunteers to help at each station as well.   15 at the least and 30 would be great.   Mr. Viselli would like to have a water station and fruit cups as well. And would like some $ to support these. The date is set for June 12th with the 16th a rain date.

The PTO approved money for field day water and snacks up to $100.


The current Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer have volunteered to continue next year.

A PTO President for next year is needed! No one has shown much interest yet.

Some ideas to make the job less burdensome are to have Co-Presidents, or more committees within the PTO to work on separate areas like fundraising or community events. .

Fundraising ideas for next year:

Old Town canoe raffle.   Would need to purchase the canoe/kayak at half price and then we can raffle it off. It would be a “factory second” but they generally do not have much wrong with them.

Everyone would like to continue the Sugar Rush. A local business owner has expressed interest in sponsoring the shirts. Date set for November 2nd. Could do the canoe raffle then as well.

Futures committee: Golf tournament June 28th at 10am. Supports the whole RSU 2.

Meets next year will probably continue on the second Monday of the month.


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March 2014 PTO Minutes

PTO Meeting Minutes

March 10th 2014

Hall-Dale Elementary


Mr. Folsom Updates:

Two Funding requests:

1) Receipt for the Watch Dogs night. There were 15 dads here eager to get involved in different ways. The next step to is to formally bring the program in.   Would need to purchase a start-up kit.   The cost is $300 which includes T-shirts to sell and get some money back for those. There will be a voluntary sign-up calendar for dads to sign up for various activities. Would appoint a dad coordinator.

2) Dinner for the teachers for parent- teacher conference night coming up. March 20th.

Motions were made to approve both funding requests. Motions seconded and approved.

Other updates:

The next concert is Grade 3, March 19th.

Spring school pictures will be soon.   Flyers will be coming home soon.

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February 2014 PTO Minutes

PTO Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2014

Hall-Dale Elementary School


Secretary’s Report –motion made to accept the January 2014 Meeting Minutes, motion seconded and passed.

Principal’s Update:

Funding request from a teacher:   Mr. Viselli would like to get 30 pedometers. They are $10.95 each plus shipping would be $360. Motion made to approve this request, motion seconded and passed.

Movie licensing question.   The cost to show movies at school is $350 per year. HDES is not currently licensed.   Mrs. Bezon wanted to do a fundraiser for the civil rights club involving showing a movie. There may be another way, through student activity fund, PTO and afterschool program go split it 3 ways to pay for it. Will revisit later.

NECAP results should be back this week. This test links us to the school grade. The tests were done in Oct 2013. This is the last year of the NECAP. Another test will replace it, called Smarter Balanced. This is similar to the NWEA in that you get results immediately.

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November 2013 PTO Minutes

PTO Meeting Minutes

Hall-Dale Elementary School

November 18, 2013

1.     Welcome

2.     Mr. Folsom:  Principal’s announcements

Students will be finishing NWEA testing this week.  Reading assessments as well are being done the first week in December.

Code word for the next character assembly is KINDNESS.

The school is continuing to look at safety protocols for the school.  There will be a lockdown drill this Thursday at 10am.   A drill that involved leaving the building has not been done yet but they are planning to do one at some point during the year.

Last week’s cancer awareness week was very well done.  Kudos to Mrs. Bezon for organizing this.  The kids seemed to receive the activities well.

3.     Secretary’s Report – Andrea Abrell.   Motion was made to accept the October report.  Motion was seconded and approved.

4.     Enrichment – Caroline Eldridge.  Scream and Shout was a hit.

Looking for an author to kick off the read-a-thon.  Ryan T. Higgins is a possibility.  He is from Kennebunk and willing to do it for free.   He does a drawing activity with the kids.

5.     Business Matters and Updates

The Sugar Rush enjoyed another successful year.    159 runners and 40 walkers.  We do not have final figures on revenue generated yet (Treasurer is away).  But overall everything went well.

Basketball bake sale—Have had one so far and made $40.  To continue these we will need more volunteers to be at the stand and to bake/donate items.    Would like to try and have different items like cheese sticks and fruit cups as well as baked items.  Email Sarah Lucas to sign up.

Fun Pasta Fundraiser – 65 people participated and generated $2,300 in revenue.

Brainstorming of other fundraisers that have or could generate revenue:  art sales (these have been a lot of work in the past), basket raffles, and silent auction.  Other ideas:  Close Buy –locally produced items to sell, Maine made stuff.  Father-daughter dance.

Panera Bread night is this Wednesday, November 20th from 4-8PM – bring a flyer and tell others about it!

Barnes &Nobel gift-wrapping will be Sunday, December 15th.  Need one more volunteer from 10am-noon and another from 4-6pm.  Gift wrapping is done by donation.

Hannaford Gift Cards – This is on going.   Orders need to be in to your child’s teacher by the 15th of each month.  If you want an order form for this email

Labels for Education – Can be another on-going fundraiser.

Next Meeting – Monday, December 9th 6:00-7:00 (free childcare!)


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October 2013 PTO Minutes

PTO Meeting Minutes

Hall-Dale Elementary School

October 21, 2013 

1. Welcome/Introductions

a. Please sign the Membership Book so if you are attending the meetings you can vote.

b. Principal’s Report:

A few announcements from Mr. Folsom:

Students completed NECAP testing in grades 3-5.

NWEA testing will take place in mid-November.  This is usually easier for the kids.  It is just two 1 hour blocks.  Results help plan programs and instruction.

A school newsletter was sent out today.  Call the office or email your child’s teacher if you did not get it.

Assembly tomorrow, Oct 22nd.  Scream and Shout.  Funded by the PTO.  Other character assemblies will continue throughout the year.  Each one is put on by a different grade level.

Nov 22nd the 1st trimester ends and progress reports will follow.

Parent-Teacher Conferences are this week.

2. Programming

WATCH D.O.G.S. Presentation.   Mr. Folsom showed a 5 minute video about the program.   It is aimed at trying to get dads into the school more in a volunteer manner.   The program was originally inspired by school violence/shootings.

Mr. Folsom is interested in starting this program here at HDES.  The school may plan a night in January where we have food and invite Dads to come and hear more about the program; an informational session.  Then there would be communication with teachers about who could use volunteers in the classroom.  Monmouth schools have implemented this program.

3. Secretary’s Report – Andrea Abrell

Motion was made to accept the September 2013 Secretary’s report.  Motion was seconded and accepted.

4. Treasurer’s Report – Natalie Reis 

Motion was made to accept the October 2013 Treasurer’s report.  Motion was seconded and accepted.

5. Enrichment- Caroline Eldridge (not present)

The Scream and Shout ($1500) assembly is tomorrow as noted above.

There was a question and discussion around what the Enrichment budget has been in the past.  $3000 for the year was the general consensus, and then other things are added in and voted on.  LC Bates has been well received in the past but the cost is unclear and there was a grant last year that helped with some of the cost.  Last year we paid $650.

6. Fundraising-

Current fundraisers:   Fun Pasta fundraiser (ongoing).  Hannaford Gift cards –made about $500.

Sugar Rush -130 runners signed up so far.  Will need volunteers along the route to direct and hand out water.

Cheryl has done some planning for the read-a-Thon which will happen in February.  This will be the big fundraising effort this year.  The Masons will donate 2 bicycles per grade, for a boy and girl as prizes.  Plus helmets.  We hope for this fundraiser to encourage reading in and out of school.  If in school reading is allowed we can get 100% participation.  And if 100% participation is achieved Mr. Folsom will do something wacky as a prize for the kids.  Would like to plan a prize for each class participating.  Ideas include pool party at the YMCA, pizza party, ice skating.  The Fundraising Committee will continue to work on ideas for this.

7. Business Matters

There was a request by Ms. McGuire for funding for the Monmouth Theater.   $650.  This presentation would be in the spring, after April vacation.   A silent vote was held on funding the Monmouth Theater and was passed.

Motion made to vote on setting the Enrichment budget at $3000.  The motion was seconded and approved.  See discussion above.

5th grade field trip:  The fifth grade usually raises about  $2000 to fund their trip to Boston.  In an effort to avoid competition between the 5th grade and PTO fundraising a motion was made to include the fifth grade fundraising efforts within the PTO’s fundraising efforts.    Their fundraising goes largely toward bus expenses.  This cost is going up so parents also need to made aware of this.  There was some discussion around what this model of including 5th grade fundraising efforts would look like and the motion was ultimately seconded and accepted.

8. Other

Mrs. Bezon has a few announcements of upcoming events as well.  She got approval for a fundraiser for the Meader Family.  Saturday, November 16th a Spaghetti dinner from 5-7pm in the cafeteria.  Will need volunteers for this.  The civil rights team will also be running a garage sale during the day with donations going to the Meader family.  The garage sale needs donations and will be held here at the school, outside if the weather is nice, inside if not.

Amiee Ellis donated books on bucket filling to some of the classes.

There was a great turnout for the Good Shepherd Food bank group.   About 20 people.  email for interest.

9. Happenings by Month

August –Kindergarten welcome books.

September-Open House, Hannaford Gift Card fundraiser

October-FunPasta fundraiser, parent-teacher conferences

November-Sugar Rush, Nov 3rd.  Panera Bread Family Night Out fundraiser, Wednesday November 20th 4-8pm.   Bake sales during Basketball games Saturday mornings.  Sarah Lucas will coordinate.

December-Barnes and Nobel gift wrapping fundraiser, Sunday, December 15th 10am to 8pm.

January-Lost valley Ski night.  Basketball bake sales.

February-Read-a-thon and ice skating event.

March-Indoor soccer bake sales.

April-Old Town canoe raffle.  School spirit sale.

May-Teacher Appreciation Week.

June-Plan FY 14/15 events.  Volunteer recognition.

On-going-Hannaford Gift cards.  Outdoor classroom.

10. Adjourn.  Next Meeting is Monday November 18th.

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Eat Bread to Raise Dough 11/20/13


Please join Hall-Dale Elementary School PTO on Wednesday, November 20, 2013 from 4pm-8pm.  Every order that is presented with a flyer raises money for Hall Dale Elementary School PTO.

Panera Bread® located at 37 Xavior Loop Augusta, ME 04330 will donate a percentage of its sales during the event to Hall-Dale Elementary School PTO when you show this flyer.

Note: Panera Card® gift cards, Panera® catering and other retail purchases are excluded from the event.

Print the Panera Bread flyer

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2nd Annual Sugar Rush

Sunday, November 3, 2013

There are many great reasons to participate in this years Sugar Rush!  Here are just a few -

1. It’s a fun, healthy way to spend time with your family and support your school/community!
2. You get to donate that unwanted left over Halloween candy saving you on future dental bills.
3. If you register by tomorrow, Wednesday October 16th, you receive a free spooktacular t-shirt!

Simply print the attached form, and along with a check made out to HDES PTO, submit both to your child’s teacher or go to and register on-line.

All children under the age of 12 will receive awards.  1st place male and female will receive a $50 gift card to Hannaford. All other participants will be entered to win raffle prizes.

For more information contact Aimee Ellis at  Also,check us out on Facebook Hall-Dale Elementary School PTO [HDES PTO].

Sugar Rush_Race Registration2013-1 copy

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September 2013 PTO Minutes

PTO Meeting Minutes

Hall-Dale Elementary


Welcome and Introductions


Cheryl Gifford President

Melinda Thibeault Vice President

Natalie Reis Treasurer and website

Andrea Abrell Secretary

Mr. Folsom, Principal’s announcements:  

There will be an Open House for grades 1-5, on September 19th, a Thursday at 6PM to about 6:45PM.   Come meet your child’s teacher and see the school.   Continue reading

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Hall-Dale Youth Field Hockey

Hall-Dale Youth Field Hockey

Hall-Dale youth field hockey is open to players age 5 years or older before October 15, 2013 or are entering kindergarten through fifth grade in the fall of 2013 AND who live in the RSU 2 district.

Free play and registration sign up: September 8th 1-2pm
Come see what the game is all about! All interested players come and practice with members from the Hall-Dale High School field hockey team at the Elementary school field from 1-2.

Registration by mail: Send registration form with fee to: Hall-Dale Youth Field Hockey,
26 Garden Lane
Hallowell, Maine 04347


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